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Knowing children as individuals

Look at what we have been up to over the last couple of weeks:
  • Chestnut have written their own Victorian poetry and have been working really hard on the independent projects. They also started cooking some Victorian recipes - the apple batter pudding was lovely and the mince pies had tasty, buttery pastry!

  • We have been talking about 'the learning pit' and how our brains are muscles and can grow! We know how to deal with challenges in our learning. 
  • Elm Class have been practising hard for their class assembly - we can't wait!
We value every child as an individual and celebrate their success linked to our school values. This week's award winners are...

Bronze Award

Oliver M, Lotte H, Annabel C, Edward G, Lily C, Charlie S, Phoebe S-N, Jack S, Isabelle K, Finn O, Adam W, Edward W, Jacob P, Fia N and Imogen B

Challenge Award

Ethan T, Lorcan D, Lotte H, Adam W and Emily B-M

Compassion Award

Willow C and Freya H

Citizenship Award

Theo and Lily

Care Award

Charlotte N

Community Award

Finn O

Curiosity Award


Primary Maths Challenge Award

Lily, Jack F, Josh, Evie, Bella, Charlie, Edward W, Theo, Oliver, Oscar, Ellie, Imogen and Jacob


Important Message

Don't forget your pennies for the Elm Class cake sale this Friday!


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