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Knowing children as individuals

Look what we got up to in school last week!
  • Chestnut have been creating WW2 propaganda posters.
  • Elm enjoyed coming up with more strategies to remember their times tables, including a variety of finger tricks and performing their 6 times table song (All About the Six) in assembly.
  • Willow & Maple had a fantastic DT morning where they created dragon machines using moving parts!
  • Oak class have used Numicom to tell adding stories. E.g 4 and 2 altogether equals 6. Can you make up some adding stories at home using everyday objects? e.g

    3 bananas and 4 apples, altogether equal 7.   

    5 teddies and 3 toy cars, altogether equal 8.

We value every child as an individual and celebrate their success linked to our school values. This week's award winners are...

Bronze Award Winners

Lorcan, Olly D, Mia, Molly, Amelie, Sarah, Holly, Oliver, Connie, Jack F, Annabel W, Jacob

Friendship Token


Winners of the UN Conference at West Exe

Casey, Elsie, Seth and Annabel W

Delegate of High Commendation at the UN Conference

Annabel W and Elsie


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