School Profile

General information and background

Ide Primary School has been at the heart of the village of Ide since the mid-1850s, when it was built to serve all the educational needs of the village community at that time.

Currently the school has 120 children on its roll. The school site is shared with a thriving pre-school, with around 30 children. This is managed by Ide Childcare Trust, who also run a breakfast and after-school club. A number of community groups use school premises and facilities outside school hours.

The school’s designated catchment area covers about 15 square miles and essentially comprises the villages of Ide, Dunchideock and Longdown. Over half of the children attend from outside this area, in particular from neighbouring parts of the city of Exeter. Ide Primary School is popular and often over-subscribed. Parents often choose the school because of its size, rural character, distinctive approach to the curriculum and the value that it places on knowing children as individuals. Additionally, they often wish to work in partnership with the school for the best interests of their children. The parents’ association Friends of Ide School (FIS) is a particularly lively, active and supportive group that has raised significant funds for the school over recent years.

The school has an active and engaged group of governors. Each governor is paired with a member of the teaching staff so that there can be real understanding of the workings of the school and regular dialogue about plans, standards and targets.

The school nominally admits 20 children into each year group (Planned Admission Number - PAN), organised into five classes. Class sizes range between 19 and 32. There are eight teachers (6.5 FTE), including the headteacher, and six teaching assistants (4.6 FTE). Despite only admitting a relatively small number of children per year-group, the dedicated and committed teaching team is able to offer a curriculum and range of opportunities of the kind offered by larger schools.

The school’s mission statement is clear and sets out its main aims based around developing the whole child so that they can be well rounded adults and take a constructive place in society. It is hoped that children’s time at the school will be happy and fulfilling and that, in later life, they will look back on their days at Ide as being amongst their happiest.

Ide Primary School is a partner in the Exeter Learning Trust, a Co-operative Trust established in January 2014. This comprises almost all of the urban primary schools west of the river, along with West Exe School. The school is a member of the Exeter Consortium, an organisation of schools in Exeter designed to optimise procurement and share expertise.

Standards and attainments

Over the past three years, the school has achieved better than average standards in SATs in literacy both within Devon and nationally:

  • attainment at Key Stage 1 is good (as defined by Ofsted) and consistently above national averages, particularly with regard to reading;

  • pupils make good progress from Foundation to Key Stage 1;

  • pupils make good progress in reading from Year 2 to Year 6;

  • attainment by the end of Key Stage 2 is above national average.

The school has attained status as a Healthy Plus school (rated outstanding) and an Eco School (bronze award). It also has a Devon County Council Travelwise platinum award and an award for physical education (Activemark 2008).

Ide Primary School was most recently inspected by Ofsted in November 2011 and was judged to be Outstanding.

Site and buildings

The school has a site of around 0.8 hectares, adjacent to the High Street. A little over one third of the site is taken up by existing buildings and associated hard-standing areas. The remainder consists of a sports field (approx. 65m x 24m), children’s play area (shared with local community), small car park and an area that has been let out for many years, via the Parish Council, as allotments for village use.

The school buildings comprise a mixture of the original Victorian construction with recent major additions; notably, a new hall and entrance area built in 2006, with the former hall being renovated as a classroom. An outdoor multi-use games area (MUGA), sited on a portion of the allotment area, came into use at end-November 2011, thus significantly supplementing the current somewhat limited playground space. An outdoor performance area has been created adjacent to the MUGA.

A covered play area for Early Years has recently been completed.

The building currently used by Ide Childcare Trust for the pre-school will require improvement in the medium-term.


The 2015/16 revenue budget for the school is approximately £520,000, of which about 75% is spent on staffing. The school’s finances are in a healthy and stable condition. The school’s source of income is principally per-capita funds allocated by Devon County Council. The school is also in receipt of nearly £7,900 Pupil Premium and £8,500 Sports Premium. This year’s capital allocation is £5,000, but with a £8,000 carry-forward from previous years.

T. 01392 259964 F. 01392 459368 E. W.