Priorities and the future

A comprehensive School Improvement Plan is produced annually, and continually monitored and updated.  Priorities for 2015-16 are:

  • to develop a broad and balanced curriculum for all learners;

  • to continue to improve rates of progress in all subjects for all pupils;

  • to ensure pupil voice is integral to all school developments;

  • to improve opportunities for access to learning outdoors;

  • to improve quality and provision of ICT teaching;

  • to embed the characteristics and language of learning.

Our strategic objectives for the next three years are to:

    • Aspire to retaining Outstanding status, as judged by Ofsted.

    • Achieve and sustain the most advantageous model for partnership with other schools, so as to ensure the school’s future viability and success;

    • “Close the gap” - both between children within the school (see 3.8) and between schools within the Exeter Learning Trust;

    • Develop a successful model for linking school and pre-school;

    • Ensure viability and sustainability, while maintaining the school’s ethos. This will involve:

        • maintaining and improving standards in all areas;

        • securing and sustaining high-calibre leadership;

        • maximising income;

        • maintaining appropriate pupil numbers;

        • controlling expenditure.

    • Continue to develop creativity in curriculum, with focus on music, languages, art and design, and as an approach to more traditional subject areas.

    • Seek and maximise opportunities for staff development;

    • Strengthen and develop all aspects of community involvement, especially parental and voluntary help in the classroom.

    • Develop the school’s capacity for external fund-raising, in view of likely future economic conditions.

    • Ensure that new technology is harnessed as appropriate.

    • Develop effective succession planning – staff and governors.

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