Keeping children safe is our priority

  • On arrival to the school please make yourselves known to the office and sign in, please be aware that ID will be checked if you are unknown to the school.
  • Remember to sign out when you leave the school site.
  • Please wear a visitor's badge during your visit.
  • Please take a moment to read our visitors' guide
  • Mobile phones may not be used to take photos on site
  • If you have any safeguarding concerns, please report them to the Headteacter (Miss Tarr), who is our senior designated officer or, if she is not available, to Mrs Dart, who is our deputy safeguarding officer.
  • If your concern is regarding a child in pre-school then please speak to Lynne Penberthy, the pre-school manager with responsibility for safeguarding.

Knowing children as individuals

You can find more information at:

Top Ten Safeguarding Tips

  • Listen and accept
  • Say you will share information
  • Don’t promise confidentiality
  • Reassure the child
  • Tell the child that you take them seriously
  • Try not to interrupt
  • Ask questions only to clarify
  • Note accurately what the child says
  • Don’t investigate
  • Report ASAP to the child protection officers


Child Protection Officers

Miss Tarr, Mrs Dart, Mrs Penberthy

T. 01392 259964 F. 01392 459368 E. W.