Bronze Young Ambassadors

This year, our Bronze Young Ambassadors are:


  • Owen
  • Jessica
  • Lily
  • Ellie
  • Rosa
  • Charlotte

We are led by Miss Downing and Mrs Sloman.



We hope you appreciate the hard work we will all be putting in to make our school an even better place for everyone, through sport and play.


So far, we have been trying to build the confidence of Oak Class by encouraging them to play with other children. We've also tried to make the playground a safer and more enjoyable place for all children. 


We attended BYA training this year and have been applying these games to our lunchtime sessions. We have been trying to use fewer pieces of equipment to save money and time.  




The Bronze Young Ambassadors.



What are Bronze Young Ambassadors?

Bronze Young Ambassadors (BYA) are the most outstanding sports leaders in schools. They can be selected due to their sporting talent, but more importantly, due to their exceptional commitment and ability as young leaders or volunteers.

The BYA programme seeks to develop young leaders and volunteers by giving them the responsibility of being an ambassador for PE and school sport.


A BYA’s role is to:

  • increase participation and healthy lifestyles in schools;
  • promote the Olympic and Paralympic values;
  • be a role model and advocate for sporting activity; and
  • be the young peoples’ voice on PE and school sport in their schools and communities.


 Other responsibilities include:

  • Organising multi skills activities during lunchtimes.
  • Keeping the PE shed and cupboard tidy.

  • Planning and running team events.

  • Working with the school council to plan and organise events.

  • Working with the school council to continue to improve the playground.


Bronze Young Ambassadors should fulfil the following criteria;

  • Year 5 or 6

  • A talented performer and/or a committed leader and volunteer

  • A positive role model within the school

  • Ability to influence and inspire other young people

  • Ability to lead and work with other young leaders

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to take responsibility

  • Ability to be a good role model to young people

  • Organised, with good time management skills

  • Sound presentation skills


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