The curriculum has been designed to enable children to develop a deep understanding of the different areas of the National Curriculum and to ensure progression across the subjects. We aim to deliver a curriculum that that goes beyond simple coverage of objectives and which develops a true sense of engagement through the use of an enriched, interactive environment, visitors into school, visits off site and celebration of the wow moments. 

Although underpinned at all stages by the National Curriculum, becoming an academy has given us more freedom to be creative in producing our curriculum, in ways that provide more opportunities for the children to explore their own creativity and interests to ensure they play an active role in their learning journey. Our environments are exciting and interactive and support children in learning to take control over their own learning.

At the start of each new topic staff work to create detailed topic webs that weave together the children’s learning  and are designed to introduce an element of variety, excitement and adventure as they work as explorers, time travellers and researchers  as well as providing learning experiences in a context which clearly reveals the links and overlap between different subjects.  

The curriculum provides children with rich opportunities to apply basic skills taught in literacy and maths. It allows them to see how knowledge and skills from different subjects overlap and support learning across the curriculum. Each class also benefits from outdoor learning, giving them the opportunity to use a range of skills and further develop their learning behaviours in a different environment.

Developing children as responsible citizens is also a key priority for us here at Ide. To support this, children learn PSHE skills weekly  and our school values are reinforced through assemblies and whole school events where the children work in mixed age 'family' groups.  Children are encouraged to share their areas and listen to and respect the views of others.

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