About Us

Expect lots of play, chatter, games, songs, stories and fun when you visit our Early Years provision in Pre-School and Oak Class.


Oak Class continues to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (covering birth to five years) that many children will have encountered at pre school or nursery.


This broad curriculum covers 17 areas of learning, with children working towards the Early Learning Goals expected of 5 year olds at the end of the year.


Our aim is eager, motivated, independent learners with solid skills in academic areas such as Reading, Writing and Maths, ready to tackle the National Curriculum they will follow in Year 1.


We have short, whole-class daily sessions in Phonics and Maths and shared Reading and Writing, interspersed with self-initiated time where children can choose from a range of play-based learning on offer.


Each half term we have a strong theme or topic where children can follow up their own interests too.

We also focus on how we learn through looking at the characteristics of effective learners – playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically.
We do this using images of animals, so you might hear the children in Oak class comparing themselves to 'Have a Go Gorillas,' or, 'Persevering Parrots!'
This is language which is shared around the school as all children develop their characteristics of learning.

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