Ethos, Values and Aims


In an atmosphere that is both supportive and challenging, children develop a strong love of learning, an ability to think independently, critically and creatively and to solve problems confidently.  

Children also develop positive relationships and friendships, practice healthy living, learn to treat others with respect, to work effectively in teams and to act responsibly towards their local community and wider society.

Arising out of this safe and stimulating atmosphere, our core values have developed:

  • Care - kindness to peers, tolerance of difference, healthy living.
  • Compassion - feeling for others, especially any who are suffering or disadvantaged, together with a willingness to get alongside and help.

  • Courtesy - politeness, good manners, good behaviour, respect, listening.

  • Community - willingness to contribute productively to the local community, economy and wider society.

  • Citizenship - awareness of democracy, law and justice, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Creativity - appreciation of novelty and change.

  • Curiosity - experimentation, investigation, engagement with new technology and development of research skills.

  • Challenge - stimulated by problem-solving, willingness to take risks and to achieve personal success through demonstrating confidence. 

Underpinned by our ethos and core values, we have developed our school mission, vision and aims: 


Our mission is to deliver an exceptional standard of education through inspirational teaching which offers a contextualised, relevant and bold approach to the curriculum and which promotes a life-long enthusiasm for learning and self-development. 


  • Our vision of the school is of a nurturing community where children are inspired and encouraged to become confident, capable, caring and compassionate citizens of the future. 


Our overall aims are to:

  • meet all requirements of the National Curriculum, within a stimulating environment that encourages originality and creativity;

  • ensure high standards in teaching and learning, by example shown through leadership in all aspects of school life;

  • ensure high standards of health and wellbeing;

  • promote independence, responsibility and trust amongst pupils to encourage them to become confident and caring citizens of the future;

  • practice inclusivity by celebrating diversity and ensuring that all feel valued and empowered;

  • continue to provide a place of learning that offers purpose and challenge - giving a broad and balanced range of experiences that will enable each child to develop emotionally, intellectually, morally, socially and creatively;

  • develop opportunities for all to enjoy the creative and performing arts;

  • embrace new technologies and use them to enhance children’s learning and prepare them for life-long learning;

  • foster responsible stewardship of the world in which we live;

  • recognise the achievements of pupils, giving importance to self reflection and the setting of future objectives;

  • recognise the achievements of staff, by ensuring that opportunities exist for both professional development and sharing of knowledge;

  • continue to provide opportunities for pupils, staff and parents to become involved with the immediate and wider community so that all are respected and valued.

We have a song celebrating our values: "We're proud to belong".
Here it is on YouTube

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