Green Team

This year, our Green Team members are:


  • Maddie
  • Stan
  • Poppy
  • Ethan
  • Ellie
  • Oliver
  • Willow
  • Imogen
  • Olivia
Every Thursday, we meet with Mrs Brown to discuss what we have done that week and what we will do in the forthcoming week. 
Our project this term was to reduce the number of wasps in the playground. We have set up compost bins around the playground so that the wasps are not attracted to food waste in the main bins anymore. This means that we have far fewer wasps buzzing around us now! 
We also carried out a waste audit as part of the WASP Project. We collected rubbish from around the school and sorted into different categories. We realised we need to try to recycle more paper and people also are wasting quite a lot of food at lunchtime. 
We hope you appreciate the hard work we will all be putting in to make our school an even better place for everyone.




The Green Team

On the 29th November, we conducted a Waste Audit with Demelza Annison from Resource Futures. We collected 1 days waste from all areas of the school and then weighed or sorted it. 

We discovered that our school could be doing a lot better recycling, reusing or composting our waste! We discussed their findings and began an action plan to address the areas of need around the school. These include making composting fruit/ vegetables and teabags effective, recycling and reusing white paper, reducing how many paper towels are used and looking at how to reduce cooked food waste at lunchtimes.

We will be putting some changes in place in the new term and will give assemblies to launch our initiatives. So, we have a lot to do in the coming year but we are definitely up for the challenge!

Take a look at the results:




mass of waste our school sends to EfW/landfill in one day


mass of waste the school sends to EfW/landfill per pupil per day


mass of organic waste per day


of the school’s waste IS BEING recycled or composted


of the school’s waste COULD BE recycled or composted

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