House Captains

This year, our House Captains are:


Red House

Imogen (HC), Josh (VC)


Yellow House

Bella (HC), Jacob (VC)


Blue House

Freya (HC), Theo (VC)


Green House

Edward (HC), Ellie (VC)


Becoming a House Captain is an important part of being in Year 6.We had to do a presentation to our house about why we should be chosen to be House Captains and a vote was carried out - we were very nervous!
As a House Captain, we have to be a role model for others in the school and we are able to represent our school and village in many different ways.
One of our favourite things this year has been showing visitors around  school as we like sharing all of the brilliant things we do! 
We hope you appreciate the hard work we will all be putting in to make our school an even better place for everyone.




The House Captains


T. 01392 259964 F. 01392 459368 E. W.