About Us

Contact Number: 01392 210984

At Ide Pre-school we welcome children into our environment, support them as they develop at their own pace and provide opportunities for them to access a broad and play-based curriculum, helping them become motivated, enthusiastic, competent learners.


The setting delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage, meeting the diverse interests and abilities of all the children. We take children from the age of two to Rising 5s. We can accommodate up to twenty children per session. Each child has a key person responsible for observing their daily activities and planning next steps for them.


The Pre-school organises its sessions so that the children are free to choose from a range of stimulating and exciting activities.  We operate a free-flow indoor/outdoor policy; during the session children can choose to play indoors or outdoors thus widening their experiences.  The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led, small and large group activities. These introduce the children to new experiences and help them gain new skills and learn to work with others. All activities are planned around children’s interests and the staff team is devoted to developing children’s opportunities through their play.

We also focus on how we learn through looking at the characteristics of effective learners – playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically.
We do this using images of animals, so you might hear the children in Pre-school comparing themselves to 'Exploring Elephants!'
This is language which is shared around the school as all children develop their characteristics of learning.

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