School Council

This year, our School Council representatives are:


  • Amelia, Ethan and Owen from Chestnut Class
  • Olly and Charlotte from Elm Class
  • Daisy and Jacob from Willow Class
  • Isabella and Ethan from Maple Class
Every Friday, we meet with Mrs Williams and discuss issues that come up each week. We have been elected by our class to discuss things that are important to them.
Our project this term is to raise money to buy new Lego for the Lego table and also to buy a net to cover the MUGA so that we don't lose balls. 
We listened to our classmates who said that they didn't like the organisation on the MUGA. Because of this, we have worked with the Bronze Young Ambassadors to organise playground activities and a timetable that suits everyone. 
We hope you appreciate the hard work we will all be putting in to make our school an even better place for everyone.




The School Council Team

T. 01392 259964 F. 01392 459368 E. W.